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About Us

Angel Skin is a hybrid skincare line that will deliver medical-grade results with the luxury feel of a spa treatment.

All of the Angel Skin products have natural oils that have been put through the ozonolysis process that energizes and oxygenates our products, enhancing the effects and the delivery of the active ingredients into the skin. Ozone is also antibacterial ,helps reduce redness, inflammation, and accelerates healing.

We are proud to be the first in the skin care industry to incorporate ozonated oils into a full hybrid skincare line.

Our products have clean formulas that do not contain any fillers, parabens, SLS or synthetic fragrances. They are vegan and not tested on animals.

Angel skin works on the cellular level targeting the concerns of the skin in the most effective way. Our products are formulated for every skin type.

It's all about the active ingredients and how we combine them thus creating the most high-performing and luxurious products with amazing results that everyone wants; A skin that is healthy and glowing!


Meet Our Founder

Kler started in the beauty industry at the age of 15. Her passion for skin care began with her own struggles with cystic acne, followed by ice pick scars. A family friend began giving her facials which helped her skin condition, making her feel more confident. Kler immediately realized she wanted to be an esthetician to help others. She was one of the first graduates of a renowned skin care school in Istanbul. At age 18, she moved to London and worked for a Day Spa. When she was 19, Kler moved to Boston and worked at a salon across the street from Boston University helping college students with their skin. Then, she started to work for an upscale Day spa where she won Boston’s Best Aesthetician award and was featured on a local TV station! During this time, Kler fell in love and decided to move to South Florida in the year 2002. There, she started working at a medical facility for a doctor doing skin care as a medical esthetician. After building her loyal clientele, she opened the Brow and Beauty Bar, her own Day Spa. She brought in Joy Coleman, a very reputable medical esthetician in town , who worked with a well-known dermatologist for 11 years. Now, Joy owns Brow and Beauty Bar since Kler was too busy to run the spa. Kler was one of the pioneers who brought microblading to the USA and started teaching the art of permanent makeup. In 2018, she was awarded the best Master Trainer in the world. In 2019, she started her own international permanent makeup academy and product line, Beauty Angels, putting her passion for skincare on the backburner. But Kler never stop dreaming, she always wanted to have her own skincare line. With the help of her friend Joy, they started working together to develop the perfect medical-grade skincare that could be used at home and in professional salons delivering optimal results with a feel of a spa treatment. This is how Angel Skin was born!